Our Trimmer fleet is used to increase production and quality of finished base courses and subgrade surfaces on highway, roadway, airport, seaport and other large pavement projects.  Literally millions of square yards (SY) of base and subgrade have been finished by these machines.

Saves Time: The trimming operation increases production compared to normal grader blade finishing operations.  Once the machines are setup, grading production can be significantly increases over standard grader blade means and methods. In addition, cost savings can be achieved by the reduction of traditional staking and hub processes.

Increases quality: By utilizing automated grade control systems, these trimmers provide a more precise grade and cross-slope than conventional grader blade operations.  The system is capable of input of required grading information by use of string line, “skis”, cross-slope percentage, and manual entry.

Our customers have received several compliments from their inspectors praising the finished product that these machines and crews produce.