The Redland Company’s specialty tree chipping equipment provides superior chipping capabilities for both large and difficult jobs.  The chipping head is attached to a track excavator that can access many areas and ground conditions that standard chipping crews cannot.  Additionally, the chipping head design is engineered for low maintenance which increases our “up time” compared to other similar chipping heads.

This advance design speeds the clearing and chipping process by eliminating multiple steps in the standard chipping process: no separate topping, no separate limb cutting, no separate re-handling of cut limbs and trunks to the chipper, no chip pile relocation, no grinder relocation.  Stumps and root balls can also be extracted and chipped in place saving a separate stump grinding process.  All of these steps are incorporated into one seamless process with this specialty equipment.  Eliminating all these additional steps saves time and reduces costs.  The final product leaves chipped vegetation on the ground which will decompose naturally.  If chip removal is required, chips can be stripped and loaded out with the underlying topsoil to an onsite stockpile to remain onsite or hauled offsite.

This service is great for environmental improvements, wetland areas, and agricultural projects.

Redland has successfully completed several hundred acres of exotic tree species removal and cleanup inside Everglades National Park.  See photo.

See video of an agricultural improvement project removing numerous avocado trees in preparation for new farming techniques.