The Redland Company breaks ground at SFL Miami 27 in Medley, Fl.


The Redland Company begins site demo at SFL Miami 27 preparation for Duke Realty.

The site covers approximately thirty acres and is located in Medley, Miami-Dade County, Florida and at this time plans include the construction of two (2) new dock height warehouse buildings with a total footprint area of approximately 664,560 square feet.. The existing structures, asphalt pavement, organic soils, roots, and unsuitable soils are currently being removed.  Redland will be performing all soil remediation and site work which includes, but not limited to moving over 170,000 cubic yards of earth, installing over 6,000 linear feet of drainage, 4,000 linear feet of domestic water, and 1,500 linear feet of sewer. Redland will also finish all site work including asphalt, concrete paving, curbing, and striping for this project.